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delaney walker. it is a one second, your life is turned absolutely upside down. >> reporter: at izzy's steaks and chops in san carlos, walker raised money for madd by signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. a portion of the proceeds will go to the organization. walker, who played for the niners for seven years, recently signed with the tennessee titans. he says the move is bittersweet but his commitment to mothers against drunk driving will continue wherever he is. >> i'll push this and keep pushing it. like i told you, it hit me down in the heart and i'll always do it. i don't want to see something like that happen to anybody else. >> reporter: california highway patrol officers were also at the event and say they're working with other satisfyings this st. patrick's day weekend to keep the roads safe. >> a holiday associated with drinking so we're going to be out there looking fare the drunk drivers. there's no reason to take a chance with something like that. you have your own life and everybody else's life on the road at risk when you do something like that. >> reporter: you can expect
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other dui checkpoints across the bay area tomorrow night as well and see more patrols on the street. your best bet is to come up with a plan before you head out drinking. if you need a ride, there are free services available in case, if you need it, call one of them up. two people were killed tonight when a race car ran off the track at marysville raceway park near sacramento. the manager of the park said the driver lost control, crashed into the area where teams set up temporary garages. police say a 68-year-old man and a 14-year-old boy were killed. they were both a part of the crew and had access to the pit area. the announcer of the event tweeted the car hit the pit exit ramp at 90 miles an hour, the car did not go into the stand. >> it's devastating. you never know what's going to
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happen. racing can be dangerous. the driver was 17-year-old chase johnson of petaluma. johnson was not injured. the race was canceled after the crash. it was the opening day of the season. one year ago today, 15-year-old sierra la mar left for school in morganville and never came home. police made a arrest but they don't have a body. it's an agonizing reality for her family. nbc bay area's marla has more with how sierra's parents spent the day and they aren't alone. >> it was a long day for the la mar family but an encouraging one as an overwhelming crowd of supporters showed up at two events proving sierra's memory is still very alive. >> two, three -- >> reporter: more than 200 red and white balloons were released into the great skies of morgan hill this morning, each with a message attached. >> i hope everybody sees these balloons. you know, it's like a message in
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a bottle. it's all that we believe, that she's going to come back. >> reporter: it's been 365 days since marlene and steve la mar have seen their daughter, sierra, the girl with a sweet smile who disappeared on her way to school in morgan hill. >> the most important person in my life went missing. >> reporter: danielle cried as she spoke of her baby sister who would have celebrated her 16th birthday in october. hundreds turned out at the search center including marc klaas, whose own daughter was kidnapped and killed 20 years ago. >> we need change, we need something to happen in this case so it's in the hands of the d.a. to make that happen now. >> reporter: today, volunteers as they still do every saturday set out on another search at a nearby reservoir. but still no sign of sierra. >> some nights are sleep good, some nights i won't sleep hardly at all. >> reporter: do you see her in
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your dreams? >> yeah. i've had many of those, yeah. wake up crying. >> reporter: the emotional day ended with a fund-raiser in fremont where sierra was born and raised. the girl who's come to be known as everyone's daughter, bringing a community together, and that's keeping her parents as hopeful as ever. >> i want to find her. sierra, back with us. just get back to a normal life. >> when i see her, i'm going to hold her in my arms and just never let go. >> reporter: the money raised today will help keep the saturday searches going for sierra. diane? >> thanks, marla. the man accused of kidnapping and murdering sierra lamar has not entered a plea. investigators say they found antolin garcia torres' dna on lamar's clothing and her dna in his car. legal experts say a long delay is not unusual with a case like this with an active investigation and no body. garcia torres has been charged
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with trying to kidnap three women in 2009. the santa clara district attorney says garcia torres is scheduled to enter a plea on april 4th. the judge in the rape case involving two high school football layers in ohio said today he will announce a verdict in the case tomorrow, sunday. today, the judge held a rare saturday session where the girl who says she was raped testified about what happened on august 12th. she says she was drinking at a party, blacked out, and woke up naked in a strange house. prosecutors say 17-year-old trent mays and 16-year-old malik richmond raped her in a car and in a basement. disturbing photos and videos of the night in question have circulated on the web and a legal expert predicted the verdict. >> i think it's good for the prosecutor at this point. i think they've established what they need to establish, that this girl really was so intoxicated she was unable to consent to these actions when they occurred. >> if found guilty, both teen e teenagers would likely be held inoff nile jail until they turn
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21, then released. >> more outrage and protest in india after another high-profile rape, a swiss tourist the victim. police say the woman and her husband were on a bicycle trip in northern india when they stopped to camp in a forest. both were beaten, she was gang raped. at last report six men were being questioned. both victims have been released from the hospital. in december, huge protests erupted across india when a woman was so brutally raped on a city bus in new delhi, she died from the injuries. >> fire investigators say a two-alarm warehouse fire in san jose may have been deliberately set. the fire broke out in the willow glen neighborhood. a neighbor first reported the fair at the western roofing supply building near lincoln avenue. >> there were no injuries. there were no residents inside at the time. it was an unoccupied building and no firefighters were injured. >> the fire spread from a shed to the main building. "the mercury news" is reporting a woman may have been living in that shed.
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coming up next at 11:00, the president is headed back to the bay area. we'll show you exactly where he's headed and why. we'll introduce you to parents who say they were at a loss about what to do with their autistic son literally running away from school until they found the program, good dog. the latest trend in long distance racing is extreme putting it mildly. take a look. what's driving hundreds to put their lives at risk in the name of fitness. the weather around the bay area might be nice for that as we've been watching sunshine. right now, still breezy as we look at temperatures in the 50s in a and low 60s outside. take a look at the satellite and radar. you'll see more clouds to the west, increasing our chances of rain in the seven-day forecast.
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here we are four months after the presidential election and we have results of the first straw poll for the 2016 republican presidential contest. the poll was taken at the conservative political action conference near washington and kentucky sneer rand paul came out on top with 25% of the vote, followed by marc i don't rubio with 23%. the gop is wrestling with how it will recast itself to connect with voters. >> the face of the republican party needs to be the face of every american. and we need to be the party of inclusion and acceptance. >> we don't need a new idea. there is an idea, the idea is called america. and it still works. >> you saw jeb bush, he had his name taken off the ballot. donald trump, jeb bush, mitt romney, paul ryan spoke at the conference but it was just as striking who was not there. new jersey governor chris
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christie, who applauded president obama for his response to hurricane sandy right before the election. and who did get 7% of the vote in this straw poll but was not invited. president obama is planning to visit the bay area next month. the last time the president visited was in october. the white house says this time mr. obama will attend a fund-raiser in san francisco with house minority leader nancy pelosi on april 3rd. he's also scheduled to attend two democratic fund-raisers in atherton the following day, a lunch at the home of john goldman, part of the levi strauss family, and a brunch. two employees at the popular music venue ash kens that have been upgraded to stable condition after being shot during a robbery. the music and dance center is near the corner of san pablo avenue and gillman street in berkeley. investigators say two men came in about midnight and demanded cash. two employees were shot. an employee said ashkenaz may have been targeted because of an
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increase in events to celebrate the nonprofit's 40th anniversary. >> as maybe more people have been coming into the space, they see the money. and we're pretty casual here because we're community-run. we don't -- no one feels a sense of needing to police anybody too much. maybe people who come, they just see there's a lot of people and they just think it's a club like any other mace. >> one suspect is behind bars, the other has not been caught. more than 300 weapons are off the streets tonight. >> after a gun buy-back event in fremont today, and it didn't cost taxpayers a penny. this buy-back to back in six assault rifles and well over 300 handguns and rifles. people received from $100 to $300 for each weapon. these buy-backs have been going on all over the bay area in recent months in response to the shooting in newtown. the money to pay for them all this time came from a private donor. >> the majority of the funds,
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the $50,000, was provided by a family. they were motivated in part by just their overall interest in the well-being of the community. but also by virtue of the fact that they had a relationship with a family who lost their son to gun violence. >> all weapons had to be in working order after officers check whether they have been used in a crime, they will be destr destroyed. here is mindi bach of comcast sports net. >> thanks. the 49ers add to their depleted secondary. but first, the sharks visiting southern california for a showdown against the defending stanley cup champions. highlights in sports.
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the sharks travel to l.a. to face the kings for the second time in three day. the sharks beat the kings at home thursday. tonight the kings were looking for two things, payback and the all-important two points to gain ground in the standings. you know you're in hollywood when vince vaughn and jason bateman are there looking on. 3rd minute into the game, kyle clifford, his 14th career game against san jose, his first career goal, 1-0 kings. 2-1 kings in the opening minute of the second. joe thornton, patrick marleau finishes. the kings open up a barrage of three goals in the the second
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period. the kings win 5-2 the final from down south. oregon/ucla in the pac-12 title game. bruins without jordan adam who does broke his foot on friday. shabaz mohammad called for the charge. ben howland so mad he's going to give away his jacket for free. second half. kazemi picks david wear's pocket, he was blinded by the uniform, he's going the other way for the dunk, ducks win 78-69. giants against the reds. madsome baumgartner making his fifth start of the spring against jason donald. gets him to end the second. in the fifth against chapman, same result. gave up one run on two hits in five innings of work. pablo sandoval in the bottom of the sixth, that's a double, a run would score. giants come up short, though, they lose 7-6. and the 49ers appear to have found at least a partial solution for the replacement of
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gold son. facing craig dahl, signed a three-year contract with san francisco, joining the team from st. louis. the 27-year-old notched his first 100-plus tackle year last season with st. louis. raiders use a pair of key offensive players to free agency. running back mike goodson signed a three-year deal with the jets. tight end brandon meyers reportedly also agreed to be in the big apple with the new york giants. earthquakes visiting the columbus crew. quakes down 1-0 in the 73rd minute. destine morrow all alone on the ring. with his left foot beats the keeper and the quakes play to a 1-1 draw. we'll have more on sunday. the wbc baseball classic, at&t park, puerto rico and japan. and of course, diane and terry, selection sunday, we are getting ready for march madness. unbelievable, so much going on. >> all right, thanks a lot.
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let's check in with rob mayeda to explain changes in store for the weather. >> the good news, the changes we'll see not going to impact the weekend except for the fact temperatures are running cooler tomorrow are, more clouds. right now in the 50s. winds breezy around parts of the bay area. 51 degrees in san francisco. 54 in san jose. the wind still cranking up to novato. west to 22 miles per hour. now down to west at 9 in san francisco. earlier gusty winds at sfo causing flight delays. winds backing off as we head through the rest of the night, breezy conditions around the hilltops. variable high clouds overnight. tomorrow, partly cloudy skies. slightly stronger sea breeze. our temperatures should cool just a little bit for sunday. we'll get more clouds come monday. tuesday, pattern change is complete as we watch rain dropping into the afternoon. we're seeing the high clouds, not so much in the way of fog tonight. i think if the wind's acting up around the bay area, probably
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not going to see as many widespread low clouds like we had this morning. to the west, the high clouds, an outer fringe of a weather system that stretches north of hawaii, tapping tropical moisture up out of the south. it's starting to get its act together as we head into monday and tuesday. this is going to approach the coast, primarily across the north bay. tomorrow morning, maybe patches of low clouds here and there. during the afternoon, high clouds passing by the bay area as we head through the afternoon. sunshine mixed with increasing high clouds as we head into monday. by sunday night, we'll see more mid and high-level clouds stream on through. tuesday, you see the clouds here. as we head into the afternoon, you're starting to see the rain in the north bay. the rain line will start to slowly move to the south as we head into tuesday morning and carry over into wednesday where skies clear and temperatures climb again for the second half of the week. tomorrow close to 70 in san jose. low 70s inland around the tri-valley. livermore, a bit of a stronger west wind keeping temperatures
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down a little bit to wrap up the weekend. low 60s in san francisco. a combination of 60s and low 70s across the north bay. we'll finish off the weekend on a dry note. more clouds on monday. tuesday for the afternoon into wednesday, that's the chance we'll get some rain and breezy conditions. but really not going to last long at all. look how quickly temperatures jump up thursday into friday. high pressure once again acting like a giant deflector shield in the eastern pacific. it's going to keep the storms off to the north. mid 70s next weekend and that makes sense. yes, second half of the week, we officially move into spring. it's starting to look like it there in the seven-day forecast. >> the wind's going to knock down the pollen. that's a good thing for some of us. >> for you especially. >> allergy sufferers will be happy. coming up next, fitness gurus are ditching marathons for a new kind of race, spartan races. the name should give you just a little bit of a clue how grueling they are. hello?
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the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters.
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autism affects thousands of children in the bay area. one family in the south bay is embracing a different method to help their autistic son. good dog autism companions is a small nonprofit that provides essentially trained golden retrievers to autistic children. this 7-year-old from san jose is known to run away because of his autism and his parents say they've exhausted all the typical options to help him. then they heard about good dog. but one of these goldens cost $10,000. tonight the rolandos held a fund-raiser in los gatos. >> there's so many other things these dogs are trained for. providing deep pressure to children who have sensory needs. they can also help keep the child distracted from negative
11:25 pm
behaviors. >> what the dogs do is prevent the boy from running away by blocking him. >> that's right. >> if you'd like to donate to the rolando family and help their son, logon to a marathon used to be the ultimate way to push your body to the limit. but there's a new trend. they're called spartan races. athletes fight, climb, crawl, drag, and roll their way through obstacles and mud pits. rob does this. >> that is lob! >> right there. they require people to sign a waiver that reads, there is a real possibility you might die. that's because there's things like live wires, flames like you saw there, zombies along the trail. racers say it's all worth the feeling of accomplishment at the finish line. is that true? >> it's true. there's one coming up in monterey in august, the three of us will be a team. >> we'll consider it.
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good evening. i am piers morgan, or as you know me, the british mario lopez. this week a series of shocking and confusing revelations, who lied about what, who is still hiding the truth, and who, what, who, what. joining me first is a man i consider to be the most
11:28 pm
despicable vile human being to set foot on planet earth and i am so happy to have him. lance armstrong. >> hello, there, piers. i am excited to be here tonight to apologize to all the viewers out there who couldn't find the own network on their television. >> lance, in your interview with oprah, you did admit to using drugs, but a lot of people said that you showed no remorse whatsoever. >> who said that? who? they're liars. those fat bitches. >> lance, lance. >> you know, i am sorry. totally sorry. that was my fault. i accept full responsibility. even though you did provoke me, you know. so the blame is probably 70/30 on you, you know. also, i think a lot of the reason i just yelled is because of the cancer i had which is not an excuse. you know, i mean, unless you think it is. the most important thing is i never, ever called anyone a fat
11:29 pm
bitch. >> now, lance, your confession also lacked any real details. would you care to elaborate on your sophisticated system with doping. >> it wasn't all that sophisticated. all i actually did was steroids, testosterone, human growth hormone, epo, and i replaced all of my blood with better blood. you know, i mean, is that sophisticated? i don't know. i don't know. is it cheating? maybe. you know, am i sorry i did it? yes-ish. ps, no. >> all joining us via satellite is a man on the other end of a vicious lie, notre dame linebacker manti te'o. >> hey, piers. >> now, mr. te'o, your sto i

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